Paddling Routes

You are welcome to try out any part of Chief Whitecap Waterway!  Remember these are just suggestions!

If you are new to canoeing, you will most likely want some guidelines and suggestions of routes to follow! Luckily, we have done the hard work of laying out some routes for your consideration. We do suggest however, to acquire the whole canoe experience gradually. Make sure you are comfortable with your equipment, start out with a short canoe trip and ease your way into longer routes as you gain confidence and ability.

We also want to remind you that there is a range in everyone’s physical condition, their equipment and how long/hard they want to paddle each day. Please don’t try and overdo it, we want you to enjoy Chief Whitecap Waterway!


Beginner: Gardiner Dam - Outlook

If you are just starting, we suggest this route as it has less river bends and more straightaways. You can see the two Outlook bridges from a fair distance away, which makes this comforting for beginner canoers. Trail length > 30km

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Intermediate: Gardiner Dam – Big Pipe

You can expect more straightaways in this portion of Chief Whitecap Waterway with some gentle bends.  You should expect an overnight stay on this route. An easier (but longer) paddle for those intermediate canoers! Trail length > 63km

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Advanced: Gardiner Dam - Fred Heal Canoe Launch

This route, is a step up in difficulty. Once passed Whitecap Dakota First Nation you will find many more bends in the river. So much so, you may just wonder if you are paddling in circles. You will pass by the Whitecap Dakota First Nation and will come to a rest at the Fred Heal Canoe Launch which is just across the river from the beautiful Saskatoon Berry Barn! You should expect an overnight stay or two on this route Trail length > 107 km

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