About Us

Welcome to Saskatchewan’s Premier Trans Canada Water Trail adventure!

Chief Whitecap Waterway (CWW) explores the untouched river valleys between the famous Gardiner Dam and the City of Saskatoon.


Gorgeous views, diverse wildlife, scenic photo opportunities and serenity await you as you paddle the Chief Whitecap Waterway.


Chief Whitecap Waterway is a part of the Trans Canada Trail. CWW presents over 100 kilometers of water trail and allows canoers to start and end at various points of the trail. We invite you to create your own canoe adventure and paddle into your own challenge!

About the Trail

One of the world’s largest earth-filled dams, widely known as Gardiner Dam is our starting point. This is where it all begins, so set your canoe and paddle in the water and start your adventure!

The City of Saskatoon is where the trail concludes and your journey ends. During this portion of the trail, you will be presented with views of Saskatoon that most have not seen! This portion removes you from the remote river valley and takes you into the big city.

The great thing about this trail is you can ultimately pick where you journey begins and ends as there are various entry and exit points along the trail!

Each stop along the trail is equipped with a fire pit and picnic table for your convenience. You are welcome to set up camp overnight so you can continue with your journey the following day. We ask that you bring your own necessities, as the trail does not supply this.